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75. Ego trip

I’m getting political. I’ve decided to start a campaign to make people’s lives better. I’m sick of life being all me me me. I want to be civic minded. To fight for the issues that matter. To take a stand where it counts. I’m finally going to do my bit like a brave, fierce, towering suffragette. I’ll be sending out emails shortly and I hope you’ll join me in the struggle because, frankly, I’ve had enough. I’m campaigning to change the phrase ‘love life’ to ‘relentless terrible dating life’. Bear with me. It’s a move that will help millions of single people being interrogated about their personal lives. Now, when someone asks, “how’s your relentless, terrible dating life?” and you reply, “yep, fine, the same,” you can quickly convey the deep, yawning, knawing, soul-eroding horror of dating without shocking people or making them cry.